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Stuart Ferster


About Stuart Ferster

Stuart Ferster and his family have a talent for being successful. His current position is Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC), a speciality marketing business that helps to enhance the positive online footprint of its clients through a wide variety of marketing and support services. The company specializes in services such as social media optimization, search engine optimization, online marketing, and website development and design, in addition to handling software development.

There is a very good reason that ITC leads the pack in each of their target markets. It is because of the people who work there. Originally just a handful of employees, over the past 15 years, ITC has grown to over 70 members, each having their own unique talents. Current and former employees rave about the work culture as being “family-like” and friendly and their high morale shows in their work efforts. Over the years they have earned a superior reputation in customer service.

After earning his degree in Oxfordshire, Stuart Ferster spent 15 years working as the Production Director for a family-run business called the Gaynor Group. The company’s factory made polyethylene film to be printed on flexographic printers. These were then converted into carrier bags. Their clients included many big retail players such as Marks & Spencer, Littlewoods, and Tesco. The company was also listed on the London stock exchange.

Following this position, Stuart Ferster worked for almost 25 years as the Production Director for Coral Products, another family venture. Also in the field of plastics, this company instead focused on the production of plastic injection moulds. Originally, the business only manufactured VHS cassette cases, but they eventually gravitated towards more modern case packaging for CDs and DVDs. The company continued to grow, at one point earning the high praise of being one of the largest media packaging companies in Europe. They were also listed on the London stock exchange. Since its inception, the company has continued to grow and expand. They now offer a range of other items in various industries, such as food packaging, automotive, and personal care and household items, in addition to supplying the telecom and rail industries. They are also a green company, actively involved with the recycling initiative.

When he isn’t working, Stuart Ferster enjoys his time with family. Both he and his brother, Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC), are active with Yom Hashoah Manchester, which is the largest single Jewish commemoration of the Holocaust in the UK. As a moving, modern tribute to his late father, the Salford City Council installed an audio solar bench in the local park where he used to walk his dog. The audio files visitors play are told in Stuart’s father’s voice, who shared his experiences about the Holocaust to help educate people about the war.