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Entrepreneurship is a road traveled by many, yet only a few succeed to become established. Starting a new business is the easiest part of the entire endeavor. Driving past the many challenges of successful entrepreneurship is what makes the difference between success and failure. Here are some of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs have to conquer successfully.

Making the first move
Initiating the investment is the first important step, which many aspiring entrepreneurs fail to make. This is because this first step is associated with taking numerous risks, among which include quitting a job, taking a loan, pitching a new idea to obtain financiers, among others. To be successful in this endeavor, every entrepreneur must engage in rigorous brainstorming and planning.

The test of time
Every entrepreneur must exercise the necessary patience required to steer a business from start to establishment. Standing the test of time requires much patience as results may take time to come by. The entrepreneur may, for example, have to keep on injecting operational capital into the business before he or she can break even.

Cash flow problems
Every business in the market today must grapple with the challenge of sorting out cash flow issues. Sometimes, companies can be required to provide goods and services to customers on credit, especially when dealing with government agencies and large corporations. In such a case, the business must find a way of obtaining emergency operational capital, pending the fulfillment of the accounts receivable.

Exercising due diligence
All new entrepreneurs must exercise some level of due diligence, including research, before establishing new businesses. Among the essential pertinent issues to focus on when conducting such due diligence include studying the markets well, understanding the competitors, and creating a strategic plan for the business. The challenge, in this regard, is that the due diligence process may take some time to complete. To conquer these challenges, aspiring entrepreneurs should be as thorough as possible when laying a foundation for their businesses.

Delegation of responsibilities
Every business must seek to hire competent employees. Hiring the right, talented, and passionate individual is always a challenge that comes in additional forms, such as the amount of commensurate salary and remuneration to offer. Managing the employees to ensure that the business enjoys a return on investment is an equal challenge, particularly for most new entrepreneurs.