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Technology is ever-changing in the fast-paced society we live in today. Not every new device that comes along is necessary for an entrepreneur, but many do have benefits. Staying up to date on the latest developments can help speed up businesses and keep them on top of their game. The following advances in technology are well worth the upgrade for any entrepreneur looking for success.

While many companies still rely on email for intra-company communications, having an internal chat platform is an excellent alternative. Currently, one of the most popular internal communication platforms is Slack. This allows for a much faster way to discuss any important matters with coworkers. Upgrading to this platform also will enable workers to bond on a deeper level and is much less formal than sending a quick and brief email.

Rather than overspending to hire videographers, investing in high-quality video equipment is a wise decision. Video work is a crucial piece of marketing in the digital age. It is a necessity to catch the attention of consumers. Having the proper equipment to train team members to produce catchy content that is appealing to consumers is the wisest route to take.

The best approach to teaching is by allowing people to learn with a hands-on approach. Investing in training software will enable the employees to learn and retain in-depth information. Providing the staff with this tool will always allow employees to revisit the information whenever they may need a refresher. Using this training mechanism to coincide with face-to-face training provides the perfect balance.

Another critical piece of technology that can be useful for entrepreneurs and businesses is a password management tool such as LastPass. Such tools allow businesses to centralize and maintain visibility over employee access even when working remotely. 

Having a robust but flexible, cloud-based project management software can help drive goals for any company. This type of software allows the entire team to nurture the company through brainstorming and sharing project-based ideas. Employees can collaborate using this platform through a discussion board, preserving and saving the information being discussed. Once a project plan is set, the software also can create a timeline and help monitor the progress. Being able to track the project from start to finish makes this piece of technology well worth the investment for any entrepreneur.