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There are several tasks that entrepreneurs perform each day. Entrepreneurs must spend time with clients and work on administrative tasks and expand their businesses. There are mobile apps that can assist entrepreneurs with some tasks to increase their productivity.

  1. Slack

Entrepreneurs use Slack to work with their teams. Slack is a communications app that allows teams to share information. Entrepreneurs can reduce the number of emails they send each day because the information that Slack enables companies to share within teams is information that they would typically email to their teams.

  1. Buffer

Because it’s essential to manage a brand’s reputation online, Buffer is an app that entrepreneurs can use to help them get more value out of their social media time. Entrepreneurs with businesses social media accounts can schedule their posts based on when their followers are most active on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

  1. Trello

Businesses that value project management tools may enjoy using this app. Entrepreneurs with small and large teams can use this app to get clarity regarding the tasks that are being performed by their teams. Trello can be used to update teams on the status of projects and the tasks that are finished.

  1. Accompany

Accompany is like having an assistant help with performing research on individuals that will attend meetings the entrepreneur has scheduled. The app reviews the information the entrepreneur has on their computers, so they have an overview of the attendees. This helps entrepreneurs prepare to meet everyone that will participate in the meeting.

  1. Pocket

Pocket is an app that allows the business owner to save information that they want to review later. This app can save different content, such as videos, articles, and images from approximately 1,500 apps.

  1. Square

Entrepreneurs can take payments from credit cards and debit cards using their mobile phones and the square app. Entrepreneurs can receive payments from cards that have chips and regular cards, which makes it easy to sell products on the go.

  1. HelloSign

HelloSign lets entrepreneurs sign documents without having to go to their offices. Entrepreneurs can use HelloSign to sign documents using a finger and email the documents.