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Whenever you run a query on Google or a search engine, the first results that come on top are those labeled with “Ad.” Those are pay-per-click ads. Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is a well-known digital and internet marketing tool. When trying to attract traffic to a site, businesses can do so either with organic traffic or paid ads.

How does PPC work?

To set up your search results listing or product listing, you must bid for ad placement. Even though you are paying, there are still competitors vying for the same keywords you target. The good news is that you need only pay when common clicks your ad. In the grand scheme of things, taking the quality of your site and what you offer visitors, your sales would be well-worth the costs of the PPC ad.

How to Create a PPC Campaign

Setting up PPC is not as simple as signing up with the platform on which you hope to advertise. To navigate it in a way that maximizes the traffic you can garner takes a strategist campaign plan. How successful a PPC campaign depends upon the relevance and quality of keywords, the level of quality of content on your landing page, and the combination of various metrics that search engines like Google condense into the Quality Score.

Your PPC ad’s quality score is based on your relevance, how many visitors find your site useful and compelling, and other key performance indicators.

Develop a Keyword Strategy for PPC

Research is key to a good keyword strategy. For a successful ad, keywords must be specific, relevant to the subject, product, or service you offer, and tailored to the target buyer. Go about keyword research by creating a massive list of all possible main and long-tail keywords. A keyword strategy should be an ongoing process that you can continually improve after assessing your metrics.

Continually Iterate and Optimize

Regularly revise your PPC campaign. Doing so means always researching for better keywords, using negative keywords to target the right search intent, and maintaining an optimized landing page. Ensure that your content, brand image, and call-to-actions are working with the ad campaign to target the right visitors who would benefit from your product or service.